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Nashville Luxury Apartments That Give You Much More for Your Money

We were making sure our next lease was what we really wanted. We waited a long 11.5 months to get out of our present lease. We were okay with it for the first two weeks. Then it went down hill from there. We were not going to make the same mistakes again. This was going to be our second apartment, and we were finding a place we would want to lease more than once. We located some very nice Nashville luxury apartments. The amenities were exactly what we wanted and a whole lot more.

This was the first place I had seen that had a saltwater swimming pool. I like those, but had never seen one as part of an apartment complex. We also were getting a balcony. I enjoy sitting out on one having a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper. Another thing I liked was that our apartment had stained concrete flooring. Until you experience it, you do not know what you are missing. The look is unique, and the care is as easy as anything we have ever had for a floor. This would be our first time having it in an apartment. They have it where we work, and I really like it.

We have our dog, so having a Bark Park was a must. We both also do a lot of telecommuting, so having a 24 hour business center available at the apartment complex is a really nice touch. Our hours are not banker’s hours. Sometimes we are working very late into the evenings. The garage parking and being a gated community is also something we really wanted. Garage parking is so much easier on your car than street parking, and having a gate to control access is a really nice feature for an apartment complex.

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