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I Am Going to Get My Granddaughter the Pro Tablet She Wants for the Holidays

Grandmas can understand technology, use it proficiently and know how to buy it for their grandchildren. I am waiting to see the Cyber Monday tablet deals in order to get a brand new tablet for my granddaughter. Hers was state of the art when it came out, now it is best to use as a paperweight. I like to see her at her most creative as an illustrator. She has been getting by with her laptop, but there is so much more she could do with a pro level tablet. I am going to make sure I get her the one she talks to me about at the best price.

I have been researching processors, RAM and the two major operating systems for today’s tablets to make sure she knows what she needs. She told me she could get by with the regular model, and that is the one she was saving for. The pro model is several hundred dollars more, and that is the one I am going to get her. I do not have to worry about her saving enough to get it during this holiday season. She is planning on using her holiday monetary gifts to put toward it. Now she will not have too. I will be getting her the tablet she wants.

She is a wonderful illustrator who can create entire worlds of characters through amazing imagery. She uses an old computer drawing tablet plugged into her laptop to render the images she makes now. The tablet she wants is deigned to work seamlessly with the software she uses for her incredible illustrations. I have seen videos of it in use, and the results are amazing. I know she will be pleased, and I know she will be able to advance in her artwork when she gets it.

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