Rowena Flores
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A Dreamer Who Makes Things Happen

I was born and raised in New York, but I could never get used to the winters there. I knew that I wanted to go to college in the south, and I felt more at home in West Palm Beach than I ever did in New York. I lived in a dorm for four years, then I got a cheap apartment with two of my college friends. We all knew that it was just temporary because we were all meant for better things. That is why I started looking at luxury apartments in West Palm Beach even before I could afford to move into one.

I am a dreamer who makes things happen, and I wanted an image of the goal in my mind. I looked at a few different apartment complexes so I could an idea of where I wanted to live. When I saw Jefferson Palm Beach apartments, I knew that was where I was heading. I showed it to my roommates, and they agreed that they wanted that too. The only difference is that we were each going to have our own apartments there. I wanted a two bedroom unit for myself while my two friends were only interested in one bedroom apartments.

I just knew that my parents were going to want to come visit me a few times a year, and I didn’t want them to have to stay in a hotel room like they did all through my college years and when I had roommates at my first apartment. I have since moved into one of the apartments, and my parents absolutely love it down here. My dad is due to retire in a couple of years, and they are seriously talking about retiring here and getting one of the two bedroom units for themselves. I hope they do!

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