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How to setup your Photo Booth for Party Treats !




This video about setting up your photo booth for different party . You can find the video at


Video Transcript

Hi everyone I’m Roxy.

We’re going to share with you our New
Year’s Eve DIY photo booth and party

This is just some easy treats and
party favors that you can have at your
newest party if you are having one now.

If you’re just having a couple friends
over I mean they’re really simple so you
could used up anytime.

Otherwise, you could rent from a photo booth company like Metroclick

They are really easy and inexpensive as well as
perfect for you last-minute.

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If you want to know how to make our party treats
portable just keep on servers up.

We’re gonna make a photobooth backdrop over
using all these ribbon bows that you put
on presents to give it that extra touch

So all you’re going to do is take a
piece of scotch tape fold it and stick
it onto the back of your boo once that’s
done go ahead and stick it to a wall.

It’s as easy as that and in less than 2
minutes you have an amazing photobooth
background for like less than five
dollars you can play around with
multicolored bows.

Both of the same color or even metallic
booze it all depends on what you like so
have fun with it so for any photobooth
you need props and I got these from the
budget savvy bride as a free printable
and I’ll have it linked down below in
case you want some photo booth props as

So all you do is cut out your props and
stick it with some hot glue two bamboo
skewers or some lollipop sticks or if
you’re really artsy unlike us you can
draw your own and cut it out so once we
had our props cut out on on two sticks.

Of course we have to take selfies with
them girl you know you would have done
the same.

Okay so the next idea for a photobooth
background is to use something as simple
as give people we use this white and
gold polka dots gift wrap paper and all
you have to do is just stick it.

So if
you just want your upper body you can
use one sheet of gift wrap people or if
you want a full-body portrait you can go
ahead and use two sheets or as many as
you need to cover the wall.

So out of these two digital photobooth backgrounds,
comment down below and let us know which was

your favorite one was it the bows all
the gift wrap people let us know.

Next up are these cute little things
that we like to call fortune crackers
and they are really really easy to make.

All you need our four students of course
and I actually made a free principal
that you can download on my blog if you
want four toons just like Alice.

have it linked below so click download
and enjoy a free principal fortunes

also need toilet paper rolls just your
paper and tinsel foil all you do is cut
the toilet paper roll in half and this
is going to make it really easy for your

To just crack open then go ahead
and stuff it with some tinsel foil and
then add your fortune to it.

Here’s a
little tip you can also add a little lip
gloss or keychain or just something that
your guests would be really surprised to

So once you have your fortune in your
cracker all you do is roll up your
cracker in the tissue paper.

You’re going
to be left with two pieces so you can
just twist those and secure the ends
with tinsel foil ribbon or anything you
have available and it kind of makes it
look like a really huge candy yummy.

This is just easy and inexpensive party
favors that your guests can enjoy.
Cracking open and reading their good
fortune. So how this works is that you
just hold it and twist it and the tissue
paper is going to tear right down the
middle where you cut the toilet paper

So Paris what did you get? Well mine
said you can create your own destiny
which is something that I really believe.

I guess I’m a fortune crackers really

You girl Roxy! What did you see?

Okay well firstly I got the pink frock.

Oh of course
and it says you will conquer that which
you fear most?

Okay so what what what is that?

Well I
have no idea as a little treat.

We made
these Farrow Roche fireworks we love to
go packaging because it was perfect for
our New Year’s Eve theme.

All you’ll need
are tinsel foils like you know those
long strands on toothpicks so cut your
tinsel foil into little pieces then dab.

A little hot glue onto your toothpick
and stick the tinsel foil onto it then
simply stick the toothpick into the chocolate and it just gives you a really
cool effect kind of like firecrackers
busting onto the chocolate song.

So we’re not gonna lie we made a ton of
these because we’re greedy and it looks
really really good I mean who can blame
us so these are party favors that your
guests can just grab and go and enjoy.

Last up are these sugar rim dis champion
glasses all you do is dip the rim of a
champagne glass into champagne or even
water and then sprinkle some of your
sugar crystals around it and we chose
pink of course because it looks so good
with our champagne.

Alternatively you can
fill a small bowl with these sugar
crystals and dip the glass in it after
you dipped it in the champagne.

This is
just a fun way to add a little flair to
your champagne glasses for your New
Year’s Eve bash.

Never anything’s wrong
you may so that’s a wrap don’t forget to
comment on let us know which was your
favorite NYC photobooth backdrop or which
DIY ideas were your favorites.

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Thank you so much for watching!

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